The West Anniston Foundation was formed by the Owens vs Monsanto counsel as a result of a legal class action regarding PCB found mainly within the West Anniston Community.  Eventually the West Anniston was formed through counsel and initial Board of Directors. The Foundation received designation as a 501 c3, public charity under the Code section 160(b) (1) (A) (VI) in 2001. The goal for nonprofit designation is to ensure long term fiscal viability and accountability with appropriate operational authority to carry out its identified purpose and mission to the residents of West Anniston.

The West Anniston Foundation upon establishment through its counsel and initial board members, the following goals and purposes were established:

1.   The Foundation may make grants or payments for the actual benefit to provide primary health care and/or to assist in gaining access to primary health care and other health care services (including but not limited to lab, dental, outreach, prenatal care, radiology, case management, pharmacy, preventive medicine, holistic medicine and other health programs) to the economically and socially disadvantaged current and former residents of the west Anniston area of Anniston, Alabama who may have been exposed to the discharge of PCB’s into the environment.

a.    ..benefit of such residents meeting the Foundation’s criteria, or, in the sole discretion of the Board of the Foundation, to local clinics or other health care providers to support the provision of health care services and/or related services, such as transportation to such residents.

2.    To provide educational grants, scholarships, or loans to such residents and their families and/or to schools or other educational institutions or providers for the actual benefit of such residents

a.    … for such educational services as the Board of Directors of the Foundation, in its sole discretion, may deem necessary or appropriate including by not limited to the evaluation of and development of personal education plans, pre-kindergarten program participation, after-school program participation, one-on-one tutoring, participation in remedial programs in reading, mathematics and other basic disciplines, participation in individual enrichment programs, computer training programs, SAT/ACT or other examination preparation programs, and participation in technical training, vocational, GED, or adult education programs;

3.    To provide health education and instruction to or on behalf of such residents; and

4.    To provide such other programs relating to health, education and community welfare that would actually benefit such residents.

The initial Board of Directors was:

Cassandra Roberts

Dennis Gibson

Jacqueline Brown

Cleophus Thomas Jr

Martha Lavender