Provider for Alabama’s Educational Assistance Program



Covers tuition and required fees – State DHR Office of Finance will send payments directly to colleges

Youth are eligible for Fostering Hope funding through to their 26th birthday.

Students must maintain GPA of 2.0

Academic Limit of up to 144 credit hours towards an bachelors
Academic Limit of up to 72 credit hours towards an associates




Up to $5,000 annual support based on need – Flexible funding after tuition, required fees and on-campus expenses are paid. Funding can be sent directly to students for COA expenses – books, transportation, housing, living expenses, and childcare

Youth must be funded before their 21st birthday

Funding ends at age 26 or within 5 years of initial funding

Students may attend a public or private Title IV college in Alabama or out-of-state

Students must maintain GPA of 2.0




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